Episode 1 - Pilsen

In the first part, we will visit the Patton Memorial Pilsen Museum, where, for example, we will learn how to properly deploy a boat, what the wing of a shot down bomber was used for, or what the menu of American soldiers consisted of. Then we will visit the monument to the 16th Armored Division, the monument to the 2nd Infantry Division, the monument to Czechoslovak soldiers fighting on the Western Front and the headquarters of the command. And finally, we say goodbye to the Thanksgiving monument, America!


Collaborated on this work

Patton Memorial Pilsen

The museum was founded with the support of the city of Pilsen. In 2019, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy, a completely new exhibition was opened. It maps the Allied journey from the landings in Normandy, through the Battle of the Ardennes to western Bohemia. It concerns not only with the liberation itself, but also with the post-war activities of American soldiers in our territory. Through authentic objects and memories of witnesses, it describes the war events in western Bohemia. The museum pays special attention to the legacy of war veterans.

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Tommy and Yankee Pilsen living history club

Tommy & Yankee living history concerns with military history during the Second World War with the main focus on Western Allied troops. It tries to show the life and conditions of Allied soldiers as close as possible to the public during one of the fiercest wars that humanity has ever encountered. The members of the club try in all respects to faithfully portray allied troops in a given period of war using the so-called "living history".

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Pilsen – TOURISM

Pilsen - TOURISM is a public-benefit organization for the city Pilsen, with the main task of marketing and managing the regional destination of Pilsen. We are a strategic tourism partner for Pilsen as a place to visit, tourist destination, and we act as the provider of services.

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Military Car Club Pilsen

Military Car Club Pilsen (hereinafter referred to as MCCP) was founded in 1990 by Mr. Milan Dlouhý and several other friends. Since its then, it has focused primarily on U.S. military history. Army and brings together those interested in the history of World War II, especially the liberation of southwestern Bohemia in 1945 by the US Army.

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The project was carried out with the financial support from Pilsen region