Episode 2 – Operation Cowboy

In the second episode, we visit Bělá nad Radbuzou and also the place connected with the rescue of rare horses, the stud farm in Hostouň. Our story takes a deeper look at 650 horses brought to this locality before the war, and especially during the WWII as spoils of war from the occupied territories. Among them were 250 Lipizzaner horses from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, as well as other valuable breeds.


Collaborated on this work

Military Car Club Pilsen

Military Car Club Pilsen (hereinafter referred to as MCCP) was founded in 1990 by Mr. Milan Dlouhý and several other friends. Since its then, it has focused primarily on U.S. military history. Army and brings together those interested in the history of World War II, especially the liberation of southwestern Bohemia in 1945 by the US Army.

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Pilsen Region

The Pilsen Region is located in the southwest of the Czech Republic. It borders the Karlovy Vary region in the northwest, the Ústí nad Labem region in the north, the Central Bohemia region in the northeast and the South Bohemian region in the east.

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The town of Bělá nad Radbuzou

The town of Bělá nad Radbuzou lies to the west of Pilsen, almost at the border with Germany (in the northwestern part of the former Domažlice district).

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The town of Hostouň

The town of Hostouň is located in the Domažlice district in the Plzeň Region. In total, about 1,200 people live in the city and its local parts. It is the smallest town in the district of Domažlice.

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Plzeňský kraj
The project was carried out with the financial support from Pilsen region