Episode 4 – Nepomuk district

The fourth episode is dedicated to the shooting down of the Miss Fortune bomber on February 22, 1944. This is an event that occurred during a mission over the Protectorate. The crew of eleven but one gunner perished on the spot, the waist gunner Raymond A. Noury was captured and remained in captivity until the end of the war. Finally, we present the Czechoslovak Independent Armored Brigade. The headquarters of the moto battalion was located at Zelená Hora chateau.


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The town of Nepomuk

Nepomuk is located in the southeastern part of the Pilsen Region, 35 km from Pilsen and 25 km from Klatovy, on the international road E49 to Karlovy Vary.

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The municipality of Klášter

The municipality of Klášter belongs to the historically oldest settlements in the Nepomucko microregion. The origin dates back to the 12th century, when a Cistercian monastery was founded here by monks from Erbrach.

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Museum and Gallery of the town of Nepomuk

The town museum is located in the premises of the old town hall in Nepomuk and partly also in the premises of the former Piarist dormitory, the main landmark of Nepomuk Square.

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Combined detachment (Token force) living history club

Combined detachment represents the legacy of the Czechoslovak Independent Armored Brigade. Since 1990, as a partner, it has been participating in the organization of the Liberation Festival Pilsen, with a period military camp, equipment, armaments commemorating the participation of Czechoslovak troops in the liberation of Western Europe alongside the Allies.

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In the footsteps of the Liberation by the US Army

Plzeňský kraj
The project was carried out with the financial support from Pilsen region