Episode 7 - Rokycany – In the footsteps of the Demarcation line

In the town of Rokycany, we visit the unique military Museum on the demarcation line, the diorama gives us a close glance at the advance of the American and Soviet armies, the highlight would be the encounter with the medium tank T-34. The mayor of the town presents the organization of the Rokycany Veterans Day, the history of the memorial plaque of the 2nd Infantry Division, the six honorary citizens of the Rokycany from the ranks of American veterans. At the same time, we l remember the fate of the local Stehlík family, executed by the Nazis for helping the paratroopers.


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Military museum on the demarcation line in Rokycany

The Museum on the Demarcation Line in Rokycany is the largest non-governmental military museum in the Czech Republic. Kolja, Tobruk, Obecná škola, Zdivočelá země, Vyprávěj, Lidice, this is just a short list of well-known Czech films and series in which military vehicles and equipment from the Museum on the demarcation line in Rokycany appeared. You may see another 190 pieces of fully mobile military vehicles with production dates from 1918 to the present in the museum's exhibitions.

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The Association of Czechoslovak Legionnaires

Non-political and non-profit association, uniting veterans of Czechoslovak foreign and domestic resistance from World War II, war veterans of the Army of the Czech Republic - participating in foreign military missions, their families, survivors and all supporters wanting to be active members of and contributing to the development and fulfillment of its mission. The Association of Czechoslovak Legionnaires is a historical successor to the Association of Czechoslovak Legionnaires, founded in 1921.

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The town of Rokycany

Rokycany, until recently a district town, is located about 20 km east of Pilsen on the important railway line Cheb - Pilsen - Prague.

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