Episode 3 – Domažlice district

In the third episode we come to Domažlice. We present the story of Matt Konop, who liberated the same villages his grandparents left when emigrated to America the Austro-Hungarian empire from; we learn about the last American fighter pilot shot down over Europe and six soldiers who hit a trapped mine near the village of Díly.


Collaborated on this work

Patton Memorial Pilsen

The museum was founded with the support of the city of Pilsen. In 2019, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy, a completely new exhibition was opened. It maps the Allied journey from the landings in Normandy, through the Battle of the Ardennes to western Bohemia. It concerns not only with the liberation itself, but also with the post-war activities of American soldiers in our territory. Through authentic objects and memories of witnesses, it describes the war events in western Bohemia. The museum pays special attention to the legacy of war veterans.

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Pilsen Region

The Pilsen Region is located in the southwest of the Czech Republic. It borders the Karlovy Vary region in the northwest, the Ústí nad Labem region in the north, the Central Bohemia region in the northeast and the South Bohemian region in the east.

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Club of the 3rd Army Pilsen

It brings together friends of military vehicles and the history of World War II. It reminds the public of the military history of the Second World War, closely related to our country and its democratic principles.

All members of the club are history enthusiasts - especially US Army WWII period vehicles.

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Club of the 4th Armored Division - Pilsen

The living history club of the 4th Armored Division Pilsen organizes children's days, discussions at schools, presents vehicles, armaments and equipment of the Allies, visits summer camps with tactics displays, participates in commemorative acts, organizes social events, prepares and participates in dynamic displays.

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Traces of war

An adventure agency with its own experiences.

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The town of Domažlice

The border and once also the royal town of Domažlice with neighboring Chodsko region is one of the most attractive places in western Bohemia. The rich history of the region is impressively completed by the quiet and untouched the landscape of the Bohemian Forest.

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The municipality of Díly

Díly are located in a beautiful environment on the border of the Bohemian Forest at an altitude of 600 m, in the historical area of the upper Chodsko region.

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The municipality of Újezd

Újezd is a municipality in the district of Domažlice in the Pilsen Region. It lies 5 km west of Domažlice. It is the original privileged Chod village in the central part of the Domažlice district.

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In the footsteps of the Liberation by the US Army

Plzeňský kraj
The project was carried out with the financial support from Pilsen region